To be in love with fashion

Being a fashion designer you have to make important  decisions day by day. To buy or not to buy, to do or not to do, to sew or to throw. Sometimes you became so stressed by making that, so you decide to stop everything and to throw a look on all that you have done till today . I was wondering to know some artist, who doesn't did that at least ones in his career . And it's naturally : people are changing during their life, sometimes  they become more critical to their creations .

Being a fashion designer it means to learn every moment of your life, sometimes it's even against your desire .
And that's normal, because the world is changing , the technology walks one step ahead and you have no chance to late .

Being a fashion designer you have to remember your roots. Who are you? Where are you come from? What do you bring whit yourself from your place ? And where do you take your memories ?

Being a fashion designer it means being in love and to express the love.


  1. You are absolutely right!
    In fashion every day is a new day.


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